Camelid Identification System

100% Accurate DNA Markers

Collecting Samples

cis dna video

The CIS system is very user-friendly and you can be submitting samples in less than thirty minutes. Watch the video to the right to explain the process.

If your breed of Camelid is already registered in a blood DNA verified registry all you will have to submit is proof of parentage verified by DNA qualification or a copy of the registration.

In order to receive a CIS DNA profile for a particular animal, hair follicle samples must be submitted so a profile can be generated using the CIS DNA markers.

Notes on Collecting Samples:

  1. Because DNA is in the hair follicle (or root bulb), and not the hair itself, the hair follicle must be present on hair samples.
  2. Cut hair is not an acceptable sample, as it is the hair follicle (root bulb) that contains DNA.
  3. Keep the hair follicles free of any sticky surface used for collection as this may contaminate the sample.
  4. Approximately 20 to 30 hair follicles are needed for animals 90 days or older. Collect 40 to 60 hair follicles for animals younger than 90 days because of their smaller follicle size.
  5. Hair can be obtained from anywhere but is easiest to collect from the ear or tail area.
  6. Hair should be free of manure.