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General information of camelids

Current status of genetic resources, recording and production systems in Africa, Asia and American camelids
Editors: R. Cardellino, A. Rosati, C. Mosconi (Aug 2005) Good overview of camelids

Research material about camelids

The Origin and Evolution of the South American Camelids
Jorge Reyna B.Sc (Hons), Msc (Sydney Uni)

Evolution and Origin of the Domestic Camelids
By Jane Wheeler, PhD – (Published in the ILR Report Vol. 8 Issue #2 Summer 2003)

Camels, guanacos, llamas, alpacas, and vicuñas
Class Mammalia: Order Artiodactyla P: Suborder Tylopoda: Family Camelidae

Mitochondrial phylogeography and demographic history of the Vicuña: implications for conservation
JC Marın 1,2,7, CS Casey3,7, M Kadwell3, K Yaya4, D Hoces4, J Olazabal4,5, R Rosadio4,5, J Rodriguez6, A Spotorno2, MW Bruford3 and JC Wheeler4

Information Resources on the South American Camelids: Llamas, Alpacas, Guanacos, and Vicunas 1943-2006
Compiled by: Jean Larson, Judith Ho – Animal Welfare Information Center USDA, ARS, NAL</span

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Camelids are members of the biological family Camelidae, the only living family in the suborder Tylopoda. Dromedaries, Bactrian Camels, llamas, alpacas, …